Tuesday, January 1, 2008


Why would I title this BLOG I.C.N.? Truth be told, I cannot for the life of me come up with a better title! Unless you are without sight, it hasn't gone unnoticed that at the end of many business names is the little...Inc.? Incorporated. Business people are proud of this. I was an infatuated pursuer of the creation of something that I could put "Inc" at the end of at one point in my life. Something changed along the way; I wanted and needed something that meant profoundly more, and called me to an authentic purpose and passion. Instead of me being the creator, I caught a glimpse of the Creator. When I found "profoundly more" or more accurately when "profoundly more" found me...I started thinking that it would be right to to end all of my thinking, doing, and being with I.C.N. - In Christ Name! Even as I write this, I realize ashamedly that much of how I have lived has NOT BEEN FOR Christ. Frankly, I am not proud to say the for twenty plus years I lived solely for myself, and that was it. What a wasted life in the living for myself. Some time ago on the side of Toll Road SR 417 in Central Florida I asked Jesus to change this way of living in me. That is when "profoundly more" found me sitting there on the side of the road! There was an answer given to a question that I really didn't know how to put into words... and amazingly it was given to me freely! What had been freely given, was freely accepted and that gift will never end for me. I no longer wanted to live In my power...I wanted to live In Christ, In His doings, In His purposes, with His passion, and within His power. This will be a set of writings and thoughts I.C.N. (In Christ Name). May these writings seek to glorify you Lord. May the seeds of thought be carefully planted and watered to reach your carefully tended soil. You brought me out of the carefully tended soil and I dedicate my life to the planting. Oh Lord that you would bring your harvest. -ICN